Radical Family Farms is a 2019 start-up farm located in Sebastopol, run by farmer Leslie Wiser and her partner Sarah Deragon. This farm is the fruition of a 22-year dream held by Leslie after she spent a season in college learning the ropes at a prolific CSA vegetable farm in Palmer, Alaska. The fall of 2018, Leslie finally found the right setting and situation to start farming full-time, turning personal culinary gardening into a full-time market garden profession.

Radical Family Farms is her vehicle for reclaiming and exploring her 1st generation Chinese-German heritage through food. Using regenerative, no-till practices, we will be growing tried and true veggies like carrots and basil, as well as offering specialty German and Asian vegetables in honor of her family’s mixed heritage.

We will be selling produce around the Bay Area and we’re looking for a few brilliant chefs to work with at local restaurants who value a direct relationship with their farmer. If there are specialty veggies you would like, please get in touch so we can grow them for you.

Contact Leslie at radicalfamilyfarms@gmail.com or 707-210-2773